Dr. Abdul Kalam

11Th President of India

"There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning. "


Digital Graphics
Duration : 32 weeks
Fees :
  • Module 1 Basics And Getting Started

    Exploring the Corel Screen

    File Management

    Setting Up the Page

    Moving Around the Current Page

    Viewing Modes

    Inserting and Deleting Pages

    Changing Page

    Customizing Options

    Using Multiple Workspaces

    Customizing the Toolbars

    Using Shortcuts

    Saving Defaults

    Setting File Backups

    Module 2 Objects- Creation And Manipulation

    Drawing and Shaping Tools

    Using the Freehand Tool

    Drawing Lines and Poly-lines

    Drawing Freehand Polygons

    Drawing Perfect Shapes

    Reshaping Lines and Poly-lines

    Drawing Curves

    Reshaping Curves

    Drawing Rectangles

    Drawing Circles

  • Selecting & Manipulating Objects

    Selecting and Deselecting Objects

    Moving Objects

    Copying and Deleting Objects

    Deleting Objects

    Sizing Objects

    Mirroring Objects

    Rotating and Skewing Objects

    Using Transform Dockers

    Outlining & Filling Objects

    Eyedropper and Paint bucket Tools

    The Outline Tool

    Choosing Outline Thickness

    Choosing Outline Colors

    Using Fill Tool

    Uniform Fill, Fountain Fill, Pattern Fill

    Interactive Mesh fill

    Copying Attributes

    Setting Outline and Fill Defaults

    Arranging Objects

    Arranging Objects

    Grouping and Ungrouping Objects

    Using Guidelines

    Using Dynamic Guides

    Using Snap To, Aligning Objects

    Group and Child Objects

    Combining and Breaking Objects

    Welding Objects

    Using Intersection, Using Trim

  • Using Layers

    About Layers

    Editing Layers

    Setting Up a Master Layer

    Moving, Copying, and Locking Layers

    Reordering Layers

    Using the Object Manager

    Module 3 Working With Special Effects And Texts

    Drawing With the Artistic Media Tool

    Shaping an Object with an Envelope

    Extruding an Object, Blending Two Objects

    Using the Lens Effect, Adding Perspectives

    Using Power Clips, Applying Contours

    Applying Drop Shadows, Using Interactive Fills

    Applying Distortions, Applying Mesh Fills

    Using Interactive Transparencies

    Working with Text

    The Text Tool, Creating Artistic Text

    Editing Text, Formatting Text

    Setting Text Options

    Creating Paragraph Text

    Choosing Paragraph Options

    Setting Indents Using the Ruler

    Importing Text, Using the Spell Checker

  • Working With Paragraph

    Text Implementing Color Management

    Creating Custom Color Palettes

    Choosing a Color Using Color Harmonies

    Applying Colors Using the Color Docker

    Automatically Creating Color Styles

    Importing and Sizing Paragraph Text

    Flowing Text Between Frames

    Formatting Paragraph Frames

    Wrapping Paragraph Text Around Objects

    Applying Drop Caps

    Typing Text Into Objects

    Special Text Effects

    Fitting Text to a Path

    Converting Text to Curves

    Creating Blended Text Shadows

    Special Text Effects

    Jumpy Text

    Neon Text

    Glowing Text

    Chrome Text

    Bevel Text

    Creating Enveloped Text

    Working With Bitmaps, Symbols and Clipart

    Inserting Text Symbols

    Adding Clipart

    Modifying Clipart

    What is a Bitmap

    Importing Bitmap Options

    Adjusting Color

    Hiding Certain Colors in a Bitmap

    Applying Special Bitmap Effects

    Creating Web Images

    Advanced GIF Options

  • Module 4 Page Layout, Printing, Exporting and Advanced Features

    Creating a Greeting Card

    Print Previewing the Layout

    Creating Labels

    Print Options

    Print Previewing

    Exporting to Graphic Formats

    Copy and Pasting Into Other Applications

    About Styles and Templates

    Creating a Style

    Applying a Style

    Copying Properties


    What is Image Editing

    Exploring the Menu Bar

    Introducing the Toolbox

    Understanding the Options Bar

    Using Palettes

    Customizing Photo software

    Opening and Navigating Images

    Using Adobe Bridge

    Getting Help, Using the History Palette

    Overview of the Selection Tools

    Using the Marquee Tools

    Exploring the Lasso Tools

    Creating Selections Using the Magic Wand

    Using Color Range to Create Selections

    Creating Selections Using Extractions

    Transforming a Selection

    Copying Pasting and Moving a Selection

  • Understanding Layers

    Working with Layers

    Applying Layer Styles

    Fill and Adjustment Layers

    Exploring Layer Comps

    What are Masks?

    Using Layer Masks

    Merging and Flattening Layers

    Understanding Color Modes (JSPs)

    Specifying Color

    Understanding Color Adjustment

    Using the Adjustment Tools

    Replacing Color, Using the Painting Tools

    Introduction to the Drawing Tools

    Creating Paths, Modifying Paths

    Introduction to the Painting Tools