Dr. Abdul Kalam

11Th President of India

"There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning. "


Duration : 12 weeks
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  • Overview Of PHP

    Static vs. Dynamic Web Sites

    Dynamic Content from Databases

    Client vs. Server-Side Scripting

    PHP Advantages and Capabilities

    Configuring php.ini

    PHP vs. ASP

    Basic Scripting and Looping Constructs

    PHP Scripting Fundamentals

    Print Statement

    Code Blocks

    Primitive Data Types

    Looping Constructs

    while,do… while, for, exit & break

    Conditional Constructs

    True and False Expressions

    if, else and elseif

    switch/case Statement

    The ? (Ternary) Operator


  • Introduction to the Apache Web Server

    Apache Configuration Files

    Configuring Apache for PHP

    WWW Sites within Apache

    Apache Virtual Hosts

    Website Properties

    PHP Functions

    Introduction to Functions

    Declaring Functions, Local/Global Scope

    Passing Arguments to Functions

    Returning Values from a Function

    Using Include Files, Dynamic Function Calls

    Predefined PHP Functions

    PHP Operators

    Logical Operators

    Relational Operators

    Bitwise Operators

    Other Operators

  • Arrays in PHP

    What are Arrays ?

    Usage of Arrays in PHP

    Array Indexing, Sorting Arrays

    Initializing Arrays

    One/ Multi Dimensional Arrays

    Associative Arrays, Array Functions

    Forms and Arrays in Web Applications

    Working with Databases and Forms

    Configuring PHP For Database Support

    PHP's Database APIs, PHP's SQL API

    MySQL vs. Access vs. SQL Server

    Database Drivers, ODBC

    Database Driver Class Wrappers

    Simple SQL Queries via PHP

    Tracking Visitors with Session IDs

    Populating Forms, Retrieving Data from Forms

    Working with Data Files in PHP

    Searching File Contents With Regular Expressions

    Changing and Editing File Contents

    Splitting and Joining Information Inside Files

    String Functions,Regular Expression Functions

    Reading, Writing and Deleting Files

    Handling File Permissions

    File Locking, Reading Directory Contents

  • Configuring and Using MySQL

    MySQL as a Client/Server Solution

    MySQL as a Powerful RDBMS

    Configuring MySQL

    PHP Functions Specific to MySQL

    Configuring MySQL

    Executing SQL Calls

    Using PHP MyAdmin to configure MySQL

    Using Cookies with PHP

    Purpose of Cookies

    Cookie Myths

    Setting Cookies

    Retrieving Cookies

    Expiring Cookies

    Deleting Cookies

    Storing Arrays in Cookies

    Other PHP Tasks

    Error Logging

    Session Management and Maintaining State

    Web Application Architecture

    Using Environment Variables

    Embedding JavaScript within PHP

    Using the HTTP Protocols to Pass Data

    Showing Different Content to Different Browsers

    Error Logging