Dr. Abdul Kalam

11Th President of India

"There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning. "


Duration : 16 weeks
Fees :
  • Introduction to Linux/Unix

    History of Linux

    Layered Architecture

    Kernel & Shell

    Common UNIX Flavors

    System Boot Up

    Virtual Consoles

    Linux Fundamentals-I

    Introduction to Bash shell

    Getting Started – Shell prompts

    Linux Command – Arguments & Options

    Basic Commands

    pwd, date, who, id

    uname, whereis, tty

    Getting help on Commands

    Managing Files & Directories

    Hard Link & Soft Link

    vi Editor

    Files & Directories Search

    Linux Fundamentals-II

    find command


    tee, wc, tr, cut

    sort, head, tail

    more, less, grep

    File System Commands

    df & du

    Awk Programming Language

    Working with Run Levels

    Shutting the System down

    System Directories

  • User Management

    User and Group Concepts

    Creating, modifying and deleting User Accounts

    Creating, modifying and deleting Group Accounts

    Password Aging

    Default User Files

    The su command – switch between users

    Understanding File and Directory Permissions

    chown & chgrp

    umask command

    Process Management

    Viewing Processes

    Process Tree & Process Status

    ps & pstree commands

    Identifying System & Daemon Processes

    Foreground and Background Processes

    Tuning Process Scheduling

    Process Priority

    nice & renice commands

    Killing / Terminating a Processes

    Max Processes per User – ulimit

    Software Package Management

    Software Repositories

    Redhat Vs. Debian

    Redhat Tools – rpm and yum

    Debian Tools – dpkg and apt-get

  • Bash Shell Scripting Part-1

    Bash Shell

    Configuration Scripts

    Shell Variables

    Environment Variables

    Set & unset of variables

    Exporting Variables

    Configuring Shell

    Use of /etc/profile and .profile

    Exit status of a Command

    cat Command

    Standard Files

    Bash Shell Scripting Part-2

    I/O Redirection

    Sample Shell script

    Executing a Shell script

    Passing parameters to Shell script

    Arithmetic Operations

    Logical Operations

    Conditional Statements

    Iterative Statments

    Case Statements


    Debugging Shell scripts

    Linux Backup tools & Networking

    Backup through tar / cpio / dd commands

    Recovering single / multiple files

    IPv4 Fundamentals

    TCP/UDP Fundamentals

    Linux Network Interfaces

    Services & Ports




    netstat tool

  • Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting

    System Status – Resource Consumption

    System Status – Memory Usage

    System Status – I/O Activity

    System Status – CPU Usage

    Resource Usage – Trends

    top, iostat, vmstat, sar commands

    Troubleshooting Methods

    Process Profiling

    Process Syscall Tracing – strace

    Process Libcall Tracing – ltrace

    Process Kernel/User Space Time Check

    Filesystem Corruptions and Recovery

    Job Scheduling

    Scheduling jobs through at & cron

    Managing access permissions to at & cron utilities

    crontab file format

    Installation of Linux OS

    Partition Considerations

    selection of appropriate package

    diff. between customized installation and default

    Installing Linux – DVD/Virtual Machine